"I know the price of success: dedication, hardwork, and a devotion to things you want to see happen"

~  Frank Lloyd Wright ~


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Scott & Associates Inc.
Human Resources Consulting Firm

Human Resource Management Division

w HR Policy & Program Design Services

3 Pay Equity Negotiations and Plan Implementation
3 HR Policy and Procedure Development and Design
3 Performance Measure Development
3 Performance Management Strategies
3 Bonafide Occupational Requirement Design
3 Compensation Program Design

wHR Strategic Planning Services

3 Labour Market Trend Analysis
3 Succession Planning and Talent Management
3 Recruitment and Retention Strategies
3 HR Plan Design
3 Strategic Planning Design and Development Facilitation
3 Organizational Development
3 Leadership Development Plan Design

wConflict Management Services

3 Mediation Services
3 Conflict Assessments
3 Human Rights Program Design
3 Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy
   and Program Design
3 Workplace Restoration Plan Development
3 Anti-Oppression/Employment Equity Investigation Process Design

wWorkplace Investigations Services

3 Workplace Harassment Complaint Investigations
3 Workplace Investigations in response to Allegations
   of Workplace Harassment

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